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Grass Snake Goes For A Swim

Do grass snakes swim? Today I was invited to view some private woodland near our base in mid-Kent with the prospect of using the wood and farmland for running bushcraft courses, it also turned out to be a fine day for watch a grass snake swim across the lake!

As featured in one of my early blog article “What Native Reptile Shed Its Skin?”  it will come as no surprise that the local farmland and woodland that surrounds us here in Kent supports an abundance of wildlife including what appears to be a steadily increasing population of grass snakes (Natrix natrix) snake-skin

Whilst out with my good friend and local fine artist Sarah Batt and my son Ben  this morning we were blessed with the amazing sight of a grass snake some 900mm long gently slipping into the lake and swimming gracefully away.

Fortunately I had my camera around my neck and, after I managed to fumble around with the lens cap, I was able to take a couple of quick snaps before the stunning reptile found lush vegetation to conceal itself in.


Despite the distance and the lens not being suitable for distance work I did manage to capture, if although a little hazily, the snake tasting the air with its tongue.


Since writing the short article for The Bushcraft Magazine about the camera being my favourite piece of kit I have decided to take a leaf out of my own book and ensure I always have one with me for the rare and glorious moments. It also provides with the images that are a good excuse to continue to develop and expand the Badger Bushcraft Blog.

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