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Bushcraft For Schools

Recent years have seen Phil and the team employed by many schools, educational establishments and organizations where we have been fortunate enough to work with many thousands of young people. At Badger Bushcraft we feel it is a privilege to be so involved in an educational and supporting role to so many children and fully embrace the philosophy that "every child matters".

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We have an exceptionally high volume of repeat business from schools and have not only provided bushcraft and nature based learning days but have designed and delivered events, activities, courses, enrichment and intervention programmes of work tailored to all learners.

"Dear Phil,

Thank you so much for the fantastic “Badger Bushcraft” day yesterday. All the children loved every moment of it, and were totally enthused by all the wonderful artefacts, tools and objects you provided for them.

It was lovely to learn so much about our village environment as well as the amazing properties of local plant life!

I think this kind of learning is so important for the children and I am sure should ever the opportunity arise, they would love to know more!

Thank you again for a wonderfully informative and professionally planned and presented day.”

Jane Voller

Egerton Church of England School - School Based Project

Badger Bushcraft not only offers an exceptional quality of service to all age groups allowing us to meet the individual learning needs of children but exceptional value for money.

furley park 1

Our work consistently engages all learners developing awareness and understanding of, and respect for, the environment in which they live.

Over the years we have devised bespoke programmes of work that have catered for all school Key Stages and age groups including:-

  • Key Stage 0 Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Key Stage 1 Years 1 and 2 Infants
  • Key Stage 2 Years 3,4,5 and 6 Juniors
  • Key Stage 3 Years 7, 8 and 9
  • Key Stage 4 Years 10 and 11
  • Key Stage 5 Sixth form Secondary and FE College

By listening to the needs of schools, teachers, head teachers and on occasion school governors we have, through bushcraft and nature education, helped deliver and strengthen the core and foundation subjects of the National Curriculum including:-

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Art and Design
  • Citizenship
  • Design and Technology
  • Geography
  • History
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Work Related Learning

As an External Provider and Consultant in Outdoor Education for Kent County Council, via Kent Top Temps, Phil and Badger Bushcraft have offered a variety of options for schools and other establishments to enhance their exiting Extended Services, Study Support and Family Learning opportunities.

We have produced a Power Point presentation for our school clients which is avialable to open or down load here.

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Primary Schools

mersham primary 1Badger Bushcraft has an exceptional track record liaising and working with Primary Schools delivering courses and programmes both in school and in our outdoor classroom. Our initial consultations with Class and Head Teachers have enabled us to design and deliver bespoke Bushcraft and Nature Based Learning events aimed at supporting, enhancing and fulfilling key criteria of the National Curriculum and ECM (Every Child Matters). Our programmes of work have also been recognised as a valuable resource to compliment PSHE and C (Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship) and SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning)

Successful Learners

  • Inspiring imagination and creativity
  • Tackling new experiences and learning from them
  • Learning independently and as part of the group
  • Encourage and apply different types of learning

Confident Individuals

  • To promote success and satisfaction in all activities
  • Understanding safety
  • Learning to deal with risks by making informed decisions
  • Turning setbacks into positive learning outcomes

Responsible Citizens

  • Learn to be a part of the decision making process
  • Encounter different ways to "see" our world
  • Learn to understand the importance of our world locally
  • Appraise environmental and moral issues
  • Learn to respect themselves and others

Effective Contributors

  • To work in teams and partnership with fellow learners
  • Tackle problems and discuss, extending communication skills
  • Learn to respect the opinions of others
  • Develop confidence to take the initiative

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School Based Projects

furley park 3School programmes and courses can vary in length to suit your requirements, be that from a half day to a full week and beyond. Some five years ago we pioneered a one day, hands on , interactive, informative and fun school based event which has gone from strength to strength and been delivered in many schools in the South East. The focus of the day is to create an interactive stage within the classroom to engage and involve all learners regardless of age or ability.

An example of a one day in school programme that we designed in 2007, and has been delivered many times with tremendous success, is detailed below:-

  • History – a look at primitive technology including primitive flat bows and flint tipped arrows, flint tools including knives, scrapers, arrow heads and a hafted axe, bark containers, wooden spoons and cups, animal hides and buckskin, cordage and textiles, use of plants and fungi, exploring the differences in animal skulls including some prey and predators.
  • Nature Walk – a walk around the school grounds to identify plants, trees and possible animal sign. Samples of leaves, plants, etc. could be collected for use in a collage during the Art and Literacy Session. Regardless of being rurally, town or city based a school playing field and grounds offer a host of possibilities for nature based learning.
  • Art and Literacy Session – either forming collages with the samples found on the Nature Walk or some still life drawing of skulls, flint axe, tools, etc from the previous history session. Time is built into the session to allow the learners to ask questions and discuss their collages or still life drawings and write about each sample or drawing.
  • Survival and Survival Kit – a look at some of the kit I carry, why and how it is used. We can discuss the differences and various possibilities and hazards of different environments following the direction of active class discussion. Items we look at includes maps and navigation equipment, food and food groups, clothing, first aid equipments and kits, packing a rucksack and a host of other topic in what always turns out to be a very lively, active and fun session.

Following the programme delivery and subsequent consultations, class teachers have been exceptionally impressed with the possibilities for cross curricular learning opportunities within the School Based Project which can contain:-


  • History KS1 - 1a,b. 2a,b.3.4b. 6a,b. KS2 - 1a,b. 2a,b,c,d. 3. 4b. 5a,c. 6. 8a. 9. 13.
  • Geography KS1 - 2a,b,c. 3a,c,d,e. 4a. 5a. 7a. KS2 - 1a,b,c. 2a.b. 3a,b,c,e ,f. 4a. 5a. 6a,e. 7c.
  • Design and Technology KS1 – 2b. 3b. 4a,b. KS2 – 2c. 3c.
  • Science KS1 – Sc1 1a,b,e,f. 2h. Sc2 1a,b. 2a,b,f,g. Sc3 1a,c,d. 2a,b. 3d. 1b.2a,b. KS2 – Sc1 1a. Sc2 1a,c. 2a,e. 5b,c,d,e. Sc3 1a,b. 2g. Sc4 2e. 3d,g. 2b.

Nature Walk

  • Science KS1 SC1. 2b,e,f,h. Sc2 1a,b,c. 2a,b,e,f,g. 3a,b,c. 4a,b. 5a,b,c. Sc3 1a,s,c,d. Sc4 2a. 3a,c,d. 1a. 2a,b. KS2 – Sc1 1a. Sc2 1a,b,c. 2a,b,c,e. 3a,b,c,d. 4b,c. 5a,b,c,d,e,f. Sc3 1b,d. 2e. 3a,b,c,d,e. Sc4 2c. 3c. 1a,b. 2a,b.
  • History KS1 – 1a. 2b,c. 4a,b. 6b. KS2 – 1a. 2a,b. 5a. 6. 7. 8a,b. 9. 13.
  • Geography KS1 – 1a,b,c,d. 2a,b. 3a,b,c,d,e. 4a,b. 5a,b. 6a. 7a,b. KS2 – 1a,b,c,d. 2a,b,g. 3a,b,c,d,e,f. 4a,b. 5a,b. 6a,c,e. 7a,c.

Art and Literacy

  • English KS1 – En1 1b,c,d,e. 2a,b,c,d,e. 3a,b,c,d. 6b. 8b,c,d. 9a,b,c. 10b,c. En3 1a,b,c. 2b,d. 7a,b,c. 9a,c,d. 10. 11. 12. KS2 – En1 1a,b,c,e. 2a,b,c. 3a,b,c. 6a. 8a,b. 9c. 10a,b,c. En3 1a,c,e. 2a,b,c,d,e. 7d. 9a,b. 10.
  • Art and Design KS1 – 1a,b. 2a,b,c. 4a,b. 5a,b,c,d. KS2 - 1a,b,c. 2a,b,c. 4a,b. 5a,b,c,d.

Survival and Survival kit

  • ICT KS1 and 2 – 5b.
  • Geography KS1 and 2 – 2c.
  • English KS1 – 2d,e. 3a,b,c. 8d. 9a,b. KS2 – 2a,b,e. 3a. 9a,c.
  • Science KS1 – Sc2 1b. 2b,d,g. Sc4 3a. 1b,c. 2b. KS2 – Sc1 1a. Sc2 1a. 2b,c,e,g. 5f. Sc3 3a,b,c,d,e. Sc4 3a,c. 1b,c. 2a,b.


The thanks must really go to you and Nikki. I know from the shining, excited faces that they all had a fantastic day. It is such a treat to see ALL children engaged in an activity and it couldn’t have fitted more perfectly with our topic and I know you have given the children something they will ALWAYS remember.”

Chris Drage

Furley Park Primary School, Ashford School Based Project

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Secondary Schools

Badger Bushcraft also provides bespoke Bushcraft and Nature Based Learning events for older learners from secondary level through to adults. These events can either be hosted at one of our outdoor classrooms or we can travel to your school saving you both time and money.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and enable Badger Bushcraft to work with you in designing the programme that you require.

NCFE Level 2 Intermediate Bushcraft Award

We are uniquely placed to offer the NCFE Level 2 Intermediate Bushcraft Award. Badger Bushcraft is the only Licensed and Approved Centre in Kent and one of the first successful applicants to deliver this award in the United Kingdom. Based in one of our outdoor classrooms or possibly you school grounds, and with 60 guided learning hours aimed at ages of 14 and above this award especially caters for those that favour a hands-on learning style or those who find it hard to respond and perform in an academic environment.


The course is divided into 3 mandatory categories and covers the following subjects in depth:

  • Outdoor Living Skills - bushcraft skills including fire, water, shelter and equipment.
  • Natural History - plant identification and use, identification of tracks and signs.
  • Craft - tool use and selection, craft items including cordage, carving and camp crafts.

As part of the course we ensure that students learn the all important safety skills, personal awareness and we try to foster self sufficiency. All subjects are taught at a manageable level. We would also like to give the group the opportunity of a 'camp-out' for one night at the end of the course. This is optional as is not included in part of the qualification but it is something we think is important, firstly as a conclusion to what they have been taught and secondly as an experience to remember.


This entire qualification has been accredited by the NCFE as a Level 2 qualification. The process of assessment and accreditation is run by the NCFE who are responsible for the quality assurance and control exactly as they would be with any other award they run. NCFE are perhaps the oldest organisation of their kind in the country operating in the same way as other awarding bodies such as City and Guilds etc.


johnMuirAwardTextThe qualification is endorsed throughout by the NCFE who are responsible for certification. Successful candidates will receive a Certificate in Intermediate Bushcraft Level 2 with both Badger Bushcraft and the NCFE logo present.

Also incorporating the John Muir Trust Award

The programme is designed to take students with little or no experience and equip them with the most fundamental and useful of bushcraft skills. At the same time, this course will promote self confidence, life skills and creates a work structure and ethos as well as fostering an appreciation of the natural world. The skills are assessed and a small portfolio of supporting evidence demonstrating knowledge is produced. This can take the form of written work or be a record of verbal examination.

The course can be run in many formats ranging from blocks to successive days to suit your requirements.

Fees For the NCFE Level 2 Intermediate Bushcraft Award

Please note that we are unable to offer student funding and Badger Bushcraft is strictly licensed to charge at the minimum day rate quoted.

Group sizes and instructors have a close ratio of 1:5 and we will ask for school staff to be present depending on numbers and gender. Cost includes hot drinks available all day, all materials and Registration with the NCFE.

Students are asked to bring a packed lunch initially. We often cook lunch over the fire and demonstrate methods and recipes easy for students to participate in. We encourage them to bring their own lunch and cook with us as part of the course.

Group size: - up to 10

Cost: - £545 per day, total minimum of nine days either in blocks or days based upon working from 9:30am – 4:00pm. We appreciate these times may not be practical and we may need to adapt the working day to suit.

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